Counselling and hypnosis Darwin

Stop smoking, drugs of addiction, gambling

The Rapid-Stop Program is unique in that after the initial sessions, there are back up and top-up sessions for 12 months (if required.)

Success is the only option!

Manage weight and wellness

The Weight and Wellness program is for people fed up with trying to lose weight by dieting, and failing over and over. 

When you need a fresh new recipe for weight management and radiant vitality, relax and enjoy nourishing yourself, for good.

Solutions for phobias, stress, anxiety and PTSD

Combining counselling, clinical hypnotherapy and the neuroscience of Havening Techniques: long held emotional and mental issues can be overcome permanently.

Therapy for pain, IBS symptoms, insomnia etc.

Discover simple solutions for physical discomfort and insomnia, nail biting and skin picking. 

Often a single session can provide relief.

Ideal for children and teens.


Choose ex-midwife, now clinical hypnotherapist Anne Holleley for your preparation for a peaceful birth.

Sessions are private, and provide custom made tools, confidence and positive anticipation for labour and birth.


Discover the power of mind and body working together to increase the chances of conception: whether you are simply "trying" or doing IVF.

Partners are welcome.

Living remote, or FIFO?

No problem, all services are available by video link. This is effective and simple to use, usually via Zoom or Whatsapp.