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Stop Smoking

Sick of trying to quit?

Become a non-smoker the easy way.  with the "Rapid-Stop" Program.

Safe, permanent and fully backed up for 6 months.

Effective for all addictions.

Liberate yourself from a habit  that is getting you down, with clinical hypnotherapy. You will feel great, plus 50% off for June Clinic!

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Hypnotherapy for weight loss in Darwin.

Weight Management

For people struggling with weight issues, lack of motivation, feeling frustrated and stuck: the Weight and Wellness program is a fresh new recipe for eating well while reaching your unique goals of weight and wellness. No groups, no diets, no surgery.

Get your life back with relaxing, empowering counselling and hypnosis.

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Stress and anxiety treatment Darwin

Annihilate Anxiety

Solution focused therapy is the simple. rapid way to create calmness and peace in your life so you can function at your best.

Anne Holleley combines clinical hypnotherapy, counselling and the amazing Havening Techniques to empower you to manage your thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

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