Workplace wellbeing program in Darwin

Exhilerated, not exhausted

Build a workplace where employees thrive

 The “overwhelmed employee” has become the norm. 

40% of workers face high stress in their jobs that negatively affects productivity, health and family stability. Workplaces suffer absenteeism, presenteeism, and high turnover.

As the line between life and work blurs, providing a robust suite of well-being programs focused on physical, mental,  and emotional health have become a corporate responsibility. 

These programs include mindfulness training; fatigue prevention; brain health;  the science of  stress reduction with breath work; Havening Techniques for conflict resolution; assertiveness training and dealing with home life.

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Workplace Wellbeing Programs that are engaging, novel, flexible and measurable have the greatest rates of success.

For Darwin SMEs the Darwin Workplace Wellbeing Program has been created by solution focused counsellor Anne Holleley to suit your requirements; and is delivered in-house (or via Zoom for remote workplaces.)

Can your business afford NOT to engage a  wellness expert?