The Solution to the Frustration of Weight Loss

Fed up with diets, exercise and yo yo weight gain?


Sick of getting the same results from diets?

Weight and wellness specialist Anne  Holleley has created and refined the unique Weight and Wellness Program over the past 9 years, and has  hundreds of success stories from women over 40, many of whom were at the point of booking for bariatric surgery.

The Program is run over three sessions, which are relaxing and interesting, and take a deep dive into the specific issues you are struggling with. There are no groups, as everyone has a unique story.

This story is changed to a new recipe for nourishing yourself well, as you release weight and feel energised.  This is not a "diet" but a permanent positive mindset that will get you to your desired shape and size.

You will feel less stressed, more in control and happy with yourself. Best of all, you WILL reach your goals of weight and wellness.

Total Cost: $347.00

Bonuses: MP3 recording and e-book

FREE Breakthrough Session:

When you are ready to stop repeating the yo-yo cycle of dieting / exercise / weight gain: get a fresh new recipe for dynamic weight management.

Unsure of what will approach will achieve  the best results for you? Please take this opportunity to spend 20 minutes with Weight and Wellness specialist Anne Holleley. 

You  will discover a compassionate approach to permanent weight management.

Weight loss hypnotherapy
Weight loss hypnotherapy

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