Counselling for stress and anxiety in Darwin

Annihilate anxiety, stress, negative thoughts and feelings

Discover simple techniques to enable you to feel calm, focused and at peace:

Dealing with stress, anxiety and negative thoughts and feelings is often as simple as establishing helpful patterns of thinking and feeling: new positive self beliefs and empowering behaviours.

As a professional counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist and  Havening Techniques Practitioner I aim to provide people  with tools and strategies that will enable  them to move forward in life with confidence and clarity. 

We know now that new patterns of feeling and thinking can be wired into the brain, eliminating unhelpful. negative thought loops. 

Even a single session of Havening Techniques will make a profound difference and you will feel  calm.

Deal effectively with IBS symptoms; pain' insomnia, and many other stress related issues.

Havening Techniques

Similar to the now familiar EFT Tapping protocols, used by people to improve performance, the Havening Techniques also use touch to hands, arms and face to connect with and slow the brain.

This enables old traumas to be quickly and safely released, and allows people to move forward to reach their goals of vitality, wellness and peace,