Are you trying to conceive?


Stress and tension in the body will make it more difficult to conceive. This is an evolutionary  survival mechanism: if we are poised to flee or fight we are not in a state conducive to getting pregnant. 

Perhaps this is why 1 in 6 women experience fertility problems.

More than a positive mindset, the "Conception with Compassion" Program releases hidden beliefs and blockages  from the limbic system of the brain: our survival system. All based on self compassion and the best of neuro-biology.


HypnoFertility harmonises mind and body: from stress and fear to calm, focused and hopeful. The body loves this, very similar to being in holiday mode, when the body remembers how to  conceive.

Hypnotherapy and Havening Techniques soothe and balance mind and body, thus increasing your chances of conception whether you are accessing medical help or simply "trying".

The "Conception with Compassion" Program also  harmonises  connections to others as you feel more focused ,

relaxed, calm and confident.

Te 90 minute "Conception with Compassion" sessions are $117.00 each; and I suggest you attend 4 sessions (equivalent to a menstrual cycle.)

Prepay for the 4 sessions and receive 3 professionally recorded Guided  Meditation MP3s (valued at $99.00).

Fertility help Darwin; hypno fertility, counselling for fertility

Fertility help Darwin; hypno fertility, counselling for fertility