Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)


All businesses need an EAP

Workplaces function most effectively when employees feel supported.

Physical safety is  ensured by constant monitoring by the OH and S Team; and emotional and mental safety deserves the same attention.

Easy, confidential access to professional, face to face counselling services  is a priority especially in current times of  pressure, change and uncertainty.

Now available in Darwin:


Darwin Counselling and Hypnosis has your EAP requirements at heart with a simple , flexible affordable annual EAP plan.

The Annual Plan includes 25  Counselling sessions for employees in the Moil Clinic.

Employees may be referred for:

  • stress, anxiety, absenteeism, depression
  • substance abuse
  • critical incident debriefing
  • family problems
  • motivation
  • grief



With each Annual EAP, an in-house Corporate Stress Reduction Program valued at $397.00 is included.

These three  workplace sessions are interesting, and interactive, and provide valuable skills for managing stress and tension in the workplace,

Keep your Team motivated, happy and enjoying their work, without  undue stress and anxiety.



The 25 counselling sessions for the 12 month EAP are a very reasonable $60.00 each.

The Annual Employee Assistance Plan is $1500.00 + GST.

Safety First:


Employee counselling services are non-judgmental, confidential and underpinned by research.

People can find solutions to their problems when they are permitted space and safety to open up.

Quite often a single session and a range of self-help tools may be all that is necessary.



Q. Who provides the Counselling?

A. Currently counselling is provided by professional counsellor Anne Holleley.

Suitably qualified counsellors will be added to the EAP in time.

Q. Who can access the EAP?

A. Employees, supervisors and managers of the business subscribed to the annual EAP. 

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